The Fearless Becoming

Welcome to “The  Fearless becoming” mentoring program. This mentorship class, will provide a safe , transparent , and authentic atmosphere. That will help you walk fully in your destiny and purpose that God has ordained for you. 

The Fearless becoming is An active community! This is not another Facebook group, it's an interactive community that connects you with other members all around.

• LIVE online, monthly group coaching sessions/where I give you all the game on how I came from

Being a teenage mom, broke, unmotivated girl , and worldly, to a Woman entrepreneur , wife and spiritual leader which steps you’ll need to take to grow the Woman of your dreams.

• Q&A sessions where I reveal my “been-there-done-that” answers to all your burning questions about how to balance mommyhood with entrepreneurship, how to build your foundation, how to set achievable goals and so much more.

Our mission  is to help, to heal, & to love all women.

This course has really help me in such a short period of time. I’ve been working with coach Malika for 1 day and I already feel like a load has lifted. 

Raven Thompson
The right atmosphere
Amen! Malika your such a blessing, I had been asking God where are my sisters that’s doing his will. Don’t know where you came from but Honey I know you came from the Lord and blessed me... May God continue to pour extranomically in your life!!!
Mozella davis

. God is truly amazing. This is true inspiration !!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤


Good Morning Lady Malika, I appreciate the awesome counseling and building my minstry. Thank you so much for taking the time to mentor me and my daughter.

Baltimore MD

Malika Williams

I am Fearless

Hey #FearlessNation I am Malika Williams. Founder and CEO of Fearless Women On Rise LLC, Thecompany where women become FEARLESS AND BOLD in their, businesses, Gift, purpose, and life in general. I am also the founder of Eden Marie Holistic Beauty, which is a skincare line to help women feel

More beautiful and confident. I have a passion to build women from all walks of life. To empower them to reach for the stars. To educate them with effective tools to transform their  lives inwardly and outwardly. I’ve had the privilege to help many women become who they never though they could become, and do what they never thought they could do. Be sure to say hello I can not wait to connect with you. Xoxo